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Education, Engagement, and Empowerment: The Key to a Vibrant Democracy

We are fighting against deceptive data in politics by empowering voters with accurate information


From Clueless Voting Choices

We believe that every vote counts, but only an informed vote can truly make a difference. That's why we're dedicated to promoting education and understanding throughout every election.


To Informed and Intelligent Voting Choices

After providing all of the educational resources to the youth, Votesmart is committed to getting some positive results through youth involvement in election campaigns and participation in elections.

Our Goal and Mission

Our Goal and Mission

A strong democracy requires universal participation. Our organization is dedicated to providing the tools and information needed to ensure that every citizen can engage in our political process with confidence and clarity.



Empowering the next generation of voters through inspiring and accessible content on voting and elections. Be a part of the movement for change.



Education is key to shaping the future. We aims to educate and inspire the youth audience on political matters for a brighter tomorrow



We bring young people to the table to advance legislation that empowers the youth to organise and engage with democracy.



Be the catalyst for change in your region. We inspire the youth to register to vote, connect with officeholders, and create meaningful impact through political campaigns.

The black box of candidate information is unlocked

This section contains a comprehensive database of candidate portfolios based on undisputed information available.

Find detailed Candidate Profiles

  • The candidate’s record of accomplishment in public office or in other leadership roles.
  • Past and Currently active Public Projects and their financial track record
  • Their Education & Criminal background
  • Their Financial Assets & Liabilities
  • Related News across Media

Collective information on 2500+ Parties

Want to find the right info. You can find it here indulge in everything you need to find out about the right candidate.



Over the last ten years, we have been able to collect reliable data from approximately 700 districts


8Union territories

We've got all the information you need to make your independent candidate search as easy as possible


Why You Should Vote!

Your Vote Matters. Voting is Not Only Our Right, It is Our Power!



Voting is a powerful tool for influencing change, so make the most of it to create a better future for yourself and future generations.



As voters, we have the opportunity to influence the direction of our country and make a significant impact on the world around us.



Casting your vote is more than merely choosing a candidate; you are choosing a set of individuals that you think should govern you.



Our right to vote is a legacy of those who sacrificed for it. By exercising that right, we honour their sacrifices.

Tackling challenges faced by Citizens

It is important to have the right information when making decisions.


Reliable Information

Getting reliable information about politics can be challenging, since there is so much online content, and some of it is not reliable.


Creating Awareness

We help you stay up-to-date with political issues and developments by providing authentic news sources and commentators.


Encouraging Informed Citizenship

Encourage your family, friends, and colleagues to stay informed and involved about political issues and developments.


Organized Forum to Discuss Local Politics

you can post about any issues or requirements you have related to your MP, MLA, or Cabinet members.

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Stronger voter turnout means a stronger democracy - let's make our voices heard!

We strive to build close relationships, foster long-lasting trust, and develop a mutual understanding, in order to collectively improve elections, year after year.

FAQs on Elections and Voting 

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.

There are Five major elections of the country namely,
  • Lok Sabha Elections
  • Rajya Sabha Elections
  • State Assembly elections
  • Election of the Prime Minister by the elected members of the Lok Sabha
  • Election of President by the collection of members of the State assembly and parliament.

An electronic voting machine (EVM) is a device through which people cast their votes during elections.

NOTA is the option available in the electoral process to the voters in case they do not think that any of the candidates contesting the elections are worthy of a vote.

Elections are the platform to showcase the popular mandate of the people in choosing their own government. It’s one of the fundamental pillars in shaping the future of a democratic nation.

Social media can play a significant role in youth voting by providing a platform for young people to share information, connect with other like-minded individuals, and engage with political candidates and organizations.

About Us

Votesmart is a one-stop platform for unbiased and comprehensive information on candidates running in an election and elected officials in India. We're dedicated to empowering the next generation with the knowledge and tools to make informed voting decisions. Join our movement towards an informed and engaged youth electorate.